Day Camps

Day Camps

Day camps are all about the children having fun. They are jam packed with fun things to do on and off their ponies!


Days run throughout the year during school holidays. Children and their ponies are dropped off at 9am and picked up at 4.45, leaving parents/carers to a day at work or a day of peace! We usually start the day with a group chat with juice and a biscuit while we discuss what is going on that day. The children are then split into two groups depending on ability and we get started. I always have wonderful helpers on hand to help the younger children tack up but I feel its important that they try to do as much as they can themselves. While one group ride (usually flatwork first) the other group stay in front of the fire and do stable management quizzes and artwork.


Then after swapping groups its time for lunch. The children are always told they must look after their ponies first so after a hay, water and gate shut check its off to wash hands and have lunch. During lunch they are all encourage to get outside whether its playing games or building the afternoon jumping course or grid. After all the afternoon riding has been done the time left is used up doing either arts and crafts or stable management.

Some Riding Exercises That We Do:

  • Position Work
  • Transisitons
  • Supplying Exercises
  • No stirrups (argh) and bareback (yay)
  • Gridwork (Bouncing with No Hands a Saddle Club Favourite!)
  • Course
  • Figure of Eights
  • Related Distance
  • Arena Eventing

and Introduced last year



Last year, everyone was given a plain black t shirt on which my senior helpers put each childs pony hoof print on them and then decorate them with glow in the dark paint. The all looked amazing and apparently they are handy in times of power cuts..very bright!


We also have guest speakers that come during the summer holidays in past years we have had, a vet talk and a veterinary nurse talk both from Loch Leven Equine Practice and also a talk from Spillers Feeds. A really popular day is when we have Catriona Goulding the animal physiotherapist here as this is when the kids get to paint the muscles and the bones onto their ponies…although I promise not to paint any grey ponies this year. Also this year we hope to have Dengie Horse Feeds and their life size model of the digestive tract and also a demo of Western Riding!! I am also hoping to have eventer Louisa Milne Home to come along and tell the children all about her eventing life albeit she is extremely busy so i may have to beg!! Fingers crossed.



  • Pony and Jockey (very important)
  • Tack and Grooming Kit
  • Lunch for jockey and Haynet for pony
  • Hat and Body Protector (not compulsory but preferred)
  • Spare change of clothes
  • Waterproofs

Easter Dates

Summer Dates


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