Current Horses


4 year old Connemara Gelding.  Currently standing at 14.2hh.


Broken in Summer 2015, something i had never really done so with the help of Douglas McRobbie we got him done and dusted in two weeks.  He basically does anything you want as long as food is involved and is always very pleased to see me…as long as i have food!! He has had some of the winter off and is now back in work and riding away nicely!

Lots of exciting things to do this year with him!



6 year old Welsh Pony (Exact Breeding Unknown) Chestnut Gelding.  13.2hh


Summer 2015, a bit fat and hairy at the mo!

Bubbles has quite a story.  At some point in his past he has been mistreated we can’t be sure exactly in what way but suffice to say something has happened and messed with his head!  I have had him a year and a half and i am still breaking him in!  I initially rushed him, silly me, but now we are going extremely slowly!

Thanks to the help of Richard Maxwell, Donna Clark, Jennie Rigg and Aimee Rigg, We are slowly getting there.  He is currently happily being mounted and walking and trotting in the round pen, the goal is canter by June!!  Each time i get on him he is getting more and more chilled and my smile (and everyone involved) gets bigger and bigger!

2016 is going to be a big year for Bubbles!!