Big Craigie, MASSIVE Drop at Lindores, Arena Event and More….hectic!!!!

So it has been a very busy few weeks on the yard with mainly high and one low.  the low was that we were all very sad to see Duncan moving onto his new home after Aimee growing out of him, he has gone to a lovely family and hopefully he will behave and teach them how to ride.

So Bob has been working away very hard on his flatwork but he got a very exciting day out with his boss Simon when they competed in the Unrestricted class at Craigie with only one silly stop at the ditch and coming in at 9th place which was brilliant and it mostly definitely showed me that Bob can do it, I just need to be more confident.  Bob and I then went to Sarah Oakden for some XC training at Lindores where after some gentle persuasion from Sarah. Bob and I went down the big…huge drop at the ruins….there was some panicking but sooooo pleased I did it.  I intend to go on about it for ages!!!  Bob and I then went to Gleneagles today and competed in the 90cm class and got a fabulous clear round, we were 14 seconds out of the rosettes but some of the ground was not to Bobs liking so i didn’t push it.  very pleased with him though…can’t wait till the next one.

King has been out and about aswell.  He competed at his first ever dressage test and got 2 rosettes and he behaved impeccably even though we rode in sun, wind and hail storms!  He then went to Angus Pony Club Arena Event and competed in the 60cm class which in hindsight was a it small but he did a fantastic job and won his class.  And today he took part in his first ever hunter trials taking part in the 75cm.  he had a wee look at some of them but flew round with his ears perked and even though we had one silly stop at the double he did another great job.  What was also very impressive is that for an ex racehorse he is remarkably chilled out…so far nothing seems to faze him!  Going to be very sad when he sells but is a fabulous horse to work with.

King Flying Home King making a great start

So over the next few weeks we are getting prepared for fife Hunt ODE where hopefully i will be competing on both King and Bob.  So lots of work to be done over the next few weeks.

I should also mention that Dakota and Comet are out competing again.  With a string of great results: 1st in Arena Event, 2nd at Craigie and 6th today at Gleneagles.  Eve has also been out on Mr B, coming 3rd in her group at the arena event, 2nd in Green working hunter at NEFRC showing show yesterday and what would have been a clear had she not missed out a fence today!!  Still great results..onwards and UPWARDS!!!

The King has arrived!!

Well its been a busy month not just because its Christmas but because the new boy King arrived also known as Rasam Aldaar.  King came from Jo Foster racing in Yorkshire, he was in training and had been out and successfully raced, however it was decided that he was too careful over the jumps for racing and so the owners wanted him to go somewhere that could help bring him on and let me have fun…..hence he arrived in bonny Scotland.  Not only is life a bit daunting for him coming from a racing yard to a riding yard but he is also only 4 years old and barely seen anything.

Straight away he settled into the yard and made new friends very quickly.  He did look very bemused when people kept going into his stable for cuddles (which he loves).  So we let him settle in for a few days, he was in good shape only more muscle than fat from training and possibly the long journey took it out of him.  After getting him sorted with a saddle from our saddler Erland Milne it was time to get on.  Simon gets on first (i call him crash test Simon) just in case and King didn’t bat an eyelid he was just a bit nosey.  I then got on and he felt lovely albeit he has no top line but straight away he was listening to my leg and having a good stretch round the arena.  So over the past few weeks it has been a case of showing him around, Simon takes him for hacks while i do the work on the flat.  He has had some simple schooling sessions nothing too stressful and he has popped over a few jumps, he also went for a trip to the beach and had a great paddle in the sea!

All the other horses are still in work, Buzz is just being hacked out with the odd schooling/jumping session.  bob is extremely fit at the moment and a little bit hard for me to handle especially if he is not in the mood for flatwork but we did an easy session this week and he went very well.  Hopefully his dressage will find form after the hunting season.  And Simon and I have another horse on the go now called Jack.  We hope to start getting him fit in the new year.

Other than that all my clients are trying to keep their horses going in this weather finger crossed the snow stays away for a bit longer.  Merry Christmas to all my clients and saddler clubbers.  Looking forward to a jam-packed 2013!!


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