Summer Camps


Hello Everyone!

IMG_7487.jpg                                                                                              Summer is nearly here and its time to get organised.  This year I am introducing 3 Day Camps and 2 Day Camps.  The 3 day camps are for the more advanced children i.e those off the lead rein, competent at tacking and jumping round confidently over 65cm and preferably over 9years old.  The 2 day camps are for those less confident or on the lead rein.  I realise that these camps are going to be very mixed but rest assured i ALWAYS make sure every child has a fantastic time and reaches new heights and goals.  Please bare in mind this is the first year for camps and there may be the odd teething problem, i will do my best to split groups accordingly.

3 Day Camps                                                                                                                                                     Day One – Drop Off will be 9am with children pick up at 5.30pm                                                                     Day Two – Drop Off 8.30 and Pick Up 6.30 Evening BBQ Fun                                                             Day Three – Drop Off 8.30 and Pick Up Children and Ponies 4.30

2 Day Camps

Day One – Drop Off 9am and Pick Up 6pm (Evening BBQ Fun)                                                         Day Two – Drop Off 8.30 and Pick Up 4.45pm

i usually do 2 riding lessons which include Flatwork, Jumping Courses, Gridwork, Pole exercises, Arena Eventing,  Handy pony and firm favourite…no hands bouncing!!  This year i will be able to take children into our Cross Country course, wherIMG_6040.jpge we have a small range of fences around 50 – 90cm and a few small logs, some days we do hacks round this field as well but these sessions are weather permitting.

When not riding, there are either Stable Management lessons or arts and crafts time.  For the younger children who can’t tack up, I do a lot to help them learn how and most by the end of summer can do it alone, but I also have my trusty helpers on hand if anyone is really struggling.  Over the years we have printed our own t-shirts with the ponies hoof prints on them.  This is a very popular activity every year and i try my best to make sure all the kids that attend more than one day get one.

We will have guest speakers…last year we had Wills Oakden come out to share his evening stories with the IMG_7864.jpgkids, we also had a visit from Pony Racing Scotland and Ross Hood Farrier.  This year so far we definitely have a visit from Jen Roy to talk to everyone about Le Trec, they will all get a chance to do some Le Trec obstacles and map reading.  I am also trying to get a
in planning stages.

IMG_0166Ponies will be sleeping in our lovely indoor stables with lovely straw beds (Please say if you require shavings)  Stables will be skipped out each day with a final muck out during pick on last day.  They will be fed at night once everyone has gone with a late night check and then fed again first thing when i arrive.  The price includes hay and straw but not haylage, so if your pony is on haylage please bring your own.

What Do You Need

  • Pony
  • Rider
  • Grooming Kit
  • Lunches for childrenIMG_6077.jpg
  • Hard Feed
  • Rider Clothes (incl boots and hat – sometimes these are forgotten)
  • Tack
  • Body Protector (compulsory for Arena Eventing and XC, preferred for Jumping)
  • Spare clothes (Scottish Weather)
  • Mucking Out Equipment (3 Day Camps)
  • Please bring a full haynet for first day

The Saddle Club DVD

The famous saddle club dvd are stolen the go after 5 successful years.  In order to receive a dvd children MUST attend both Camps.  These are made with love, blood, sweat and tears and providing I do not through my computer out the window they will be under the tree in time for christmas.

I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.


3 Days – 25th – 27th July

2 Days – 18th – 19th July


3 Day Camps – £150                                                                                                                                   2 Day Camps – £100                                                                                                                                

Payment can be made by:

Cheque Payable to Carly Lee



Sort Code: 832628

Account Number: 00707394

If paying by BACS please put your Surname and SC (Saddle Club) on reference so i know who and what it is.  Due to a number of last minute cancellations in recent times, I will not take any books/date reservations without the deposit paid.  Apologies. x

When booking please include with deposit:

Booking Form

BootCamp Consent Form

Safety Rules


Easter Pony Day (BootCamps)

Hello Saddle Clubbers

Very excited and looking forward to seeing everyone at Boot Camps this Easter.  Day camps are all about the children having fun. They are jam packed with fun things to do on and off their ponies!

Children and their ponies are dropped off at 9/9.15am and picked up at 4.30/4.45.

We usually start the day with a group chat with juice and a biscuit while we discuss what is going on that day. The children are then split into two groups depending on ability and we get started. I always have wonderful helpers on hand to help the younger children tack up but I feel its important that they try to do as much as they can themselves. While one group ride (usually flatwork first) the other group stay in front of the fire and do stable management quizzes and artwork.

Then after swapping groups its time for lunch. The children are always told they must look after their ponies first so after a hay, water and gate shut check its off to wash hands and have lunch. During lunch they are all encourage to get outside whether its playing games or building the afternoon jumping course or grid. After all the afternoon riding has been done the time left is used up doing either arts and crafts or stable management.

Some Riding Exercises That We Do:

Position Work
Suppling Up Exercises
No stirrups (argh) and bareback (yay)
Gridwork (Bouncing with No Hands a Saddle Club Favourite!)
Course Work
Figure of Eights
Related Distance
Arena Eventing

And Introduced Last Year

Polework…not just 3 poles in a row…exciting polework!


Pony and Jockey (very important)
Tack and Grooming Kit
Lunch for jockey and Haynet for pony
Hat and Body Protector (not compulsory but preferred)
Spare change of clothes

Please Fill Out The Consent Form and Read The Safety Rules, and Bring It With You On The Day.

BootCamp Consent Form

Safety Rules

Saddle Club Gymkhana 2016

ITS READY!!!! Please click on the link below to open up the Saddle Club Gymkhana schedule! Its a relaxed fun show, if you don’t want to dress up you don’t have to but points mean prizes!!

Its £20 for the day including the BBQ and lots of fun!!!

Saddle Club Gymkhana 2016

Summer Day Camps

Dates are Up!!

Summer Dates


In Pics



Easter Day Camp Dates 2015

Easter dates are out, those who have booked should have received a text/fb message confirming your dates.  Please read Safety Rules then print and fill out consent forms and send back to me along with deposits..  Looking forward to getting all the saddle clubbers ready for the busy show season.

The Saddle Club

Safety Rules

BootCamp Consent Form


10521549_10152201587840547_922824642_oBootcamp Days are £38

9/9.15am – 4.45pm

For More Details see Day Camps

Please send deposits (£18) to:

Carly Lee

26 St Andrews Road



Fife KY91HZ

Cheques should be made payable to Carly Lee


Client Testimonial

Aimee Rigg and Alacrity

   ‘When Carly started teaching me, over 3 years ago, i could walk, trot, canter, jump and fall off…a lot!  Now i am successfully doing dressage, Showjumping, Cross Country and Showing.  I have recently won my first Novice dressage test and have had wins in working hunter, showjumping and showing too including winning my last ODE.  Carly has given me back my confidence and has encouraged me to do everything myself, even clipping….that needs practice.   I am very grateful for all the support Carly gives me at the yard and out at competitions.  Looking forward to 2013!

Aimee Rigg Age 12


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